Overland Park Real Estate Brokerage Designed to Sell Homes For Less


July, 26, 2015

Home Spot Choice Overland Park Real Estate BrokerHome Spot Choice, a full service Overland Park Real Estate Brokerage, was designed from the ground up to efficiently sell homes for considerably less than the legacy brokerages.  A privately owned real estate brokerage is disrupting the real estate industry. The company eliminated all costs that did not directly benefit client service or the selling and marketing of their homes.  This approach enables them to provide home sellers with a better overall experience. Sellers receive the highest level of professional marketing including professional stagingphotography, experienced Realtors, and detailed support staff to provide a consistently high quality home selling experience. Home Spot Choice spares no expense when it comes to the sale and marketing of homes or the quality of representation.

Each home is marketed using the best proven techniques available today, including professional staging, photography, web commercials, sms text info, 24 hour home info line, widespread internet syndication, digital signing and more. Unlike other brokerage these techniques are used to sell and market every home they sell. Since every home gets the same service this reduces the client’s cost, typically saving them 50% or more.

To help with the complex negotiations, Home Spot Choice’s Realtors have years of residential real estate experience and have closed hundreds of home sales in one of the toughest markets in history.

Home sellers can now enjoy the future of real estate today.

Contact Info:
Home Spot Choice
6731 W 121st Street
Overland Park, KS 66209