Not So Good Real Estate Photos

Professional Photography Makes a difference

We have a saying in real estate, “A good agent can make a bad house look good and a bad agent can make a good house look bad”. Your home’s photos are key to getting potential buyers in the door. A professional photographer makes the difference. Arranging items or staging your home for the photos really helps too. If you have ever been in a professional photo shoot you know it can take hours to make the perfect set to take one photo. Well we don’t need to go that far but we work very hard to take the best photos.

  • Great photos require special equipment
  • A pro is experienced in home lighting challenges
  • Real estate photographers know how to highlight a home’s best features
  • It is key to use photos that sell the house. Fewer photos are better than bad photos
  • Lighting is important to avoid making bright rooms look dark.
  • Photos need to show the house not furniture.
  • If a photo does not sell the house, do not use it. Sometimes less is better.

Standard Features Proven to Sell Homes