Leawood Demographics and real estate info, population, home spot choiceLeawood Demographics and Real Estate Info

The city of Leawood was incorporated in 1948 and was named after Oscar G. Lee, the original owner of town site. Lee, a retired Oklahoma police officer, arrived in the area in 1922. He purchased this land and in 1948, with the Kroh Brothers Development Company established the premier greenbelt of manicured lawns and topiaries, fountains and neatly arranged lots; creating the perfect suburban oasis to serve Kansas City Missouri business professionals. Today it is bordered by Prairie Village, Overland Park and Kansas City, MO.

Since its genesis in the mid century, Leawood has established a reputation for being one of the premier residential and esteemed business addresses. This well-planned city echoes both elegant developments as well as distinct business communities. The city is nearly 15 square miles.

This is a well-established suburb of Kansas City, which reflects the neighborhood of wide-ranging professionals and entrepreneurs. Leawood enjoys the highest education level in the state of Kansas with 99% of the adult residence having at least a High School education and over 60% with at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Nearly 20% of the adult residents have completed a Graduate Degree.

Today, the city of Leawood has over 70 Homes Associations.

The residents of Leawood are very proud of their community and this is reflected in the well-kept yards, homes and roads. The city of Leawood has a strong Sustainability and Advisor Board whose mission is to: “To lead, educate, and collaborate with the Leawood community to encourage conservation, increase recycling, and promote ‘green’ mobility in the City of Leawood.”

Leawood has a robust Chamber of Commerce. Many of the residents of Leawood also work in the surrounding cities in Johnson County or in Kansas City MO.

There are hundreds of attractions and fun places in Leawood including:

  • Nearby Sports Complexes & Athletic Fields
  • Arboretum and Botanical Gardens
  • Libraries & Community Centers
  • Park Place
  • Gezer’s Park
  • Fine Arts Theatre
  • Golf Courses
  • Seville Home
  • Public Pools
  • Exquisite shopping such as Town Center Plaza
  • Nelson Atkins Museum (Kansas City, MO)
  • Demographics

    • Population – 32,503, Up 7% since 2000
    • Average Income – $152,088 Per Year
    • Average age – 47 years
    • Gender– 47% Male, 53% Female
    • Households– 13,242, 29% with children
    • Average Home Values – $377,715


    Leawood’s public school needs are served by two school districts: Shawnee Mission, and Blue Valley. The Shawnee Mission School District is the third largest school district in Kansas. 2014-2015 school year had 27,509 students in attendance. Since its unification in 1969, the school district has consistently ranked among the finest school districts in the nation.

    Blue Valley schools are the pinnacle of school systems in the nation. This district’s commitment to excellence is proven by Blue Valley’s 2014 graduates who posted the highest ACT and SAT composite scores in the greater Kansas City area of all school districts with a composite ACT score of 25.3 and SAT composite score of 1864 far exceeding the state and national averages.

    There are also dozens of great private schools in the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. Some of these include:

    • Pembroke Hill School
    • Notre Dame de Sion
    • Rockhurst High School
    • Saint Teresa’s Academy
    • Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
    • Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy