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Kansas City Flat Fee Real Estate Home SellingKansas City Flat Fee Real Estate is not a new concept but now it has risen to a new level. For years Kansas City Real Estate has been mostly been sold by Realtors that charge the seller a percentage of the sales price. It is a simple concept and easy to apply.

Real Estate agents received a fair compensation when average home prices were $100,000. Now in 2017, the year to date Kansas City Area median home price is 198,000, The YTD Overland Park median home price is $290,000. overland park median home sale price-01

Before widespread internet use, the cost to market homes was high and directly related to the cost of the home. Specifically print advertising was the largest cost and the higher priced a home was the longer it took to sell, and the more it cost to advertise.

In addition to advertising costs there was much more “selling’ involved to tell other Realtors about your home. Previously, a home was sold to the Realtors who then sold it to their buyers.

As a result of the information technology age, selling a home is different. Homes are marketed directly to buyers who then ask their Realtor to show it to them and help them negotiate, inspect and buy it.

Thus, the key to selling a home today is the marketing of that home. And the service sellers’ receive.

Marketing a home is no different than any other product. It starts with displaying it in its best light then telling as many buyers as you can that it is for sale. Today these costs are minimal and fixed.

Since the costs are fixed we believe the cost to sell your home should be fixed. Larger homes do incur more cost but that cost is fixed too.

Home Spot Realty’s “Choice Program” has taken the Flat Fee or Fixed Fee Real Estate model to a new level. We provide the best possible marketing including professional photos, professional staging, and syndication to every real estate website. As a matter of fact, not all Kansas City real estate brokers display their listings on all web sites. Some don’t even display on Zillow and Trulia which together account for about 50% of the home buyers search.

Most Flat Fee Real Estate agents are associated with the homeowner doing everything to sell their own home. Not at Home Spot Choice. We have chosen to provide all the services and expertise required to sell your home. We are one of the top real estate teams in Kansas City, so we know how to sell homes.

You are not abandoned to figure out how to:

However, since our costs are fixed our sales commission is fixed at about half the cost of other brokers. Our systems and processes are better and actually save you money.

Compare us to any other Flat Rate Real Estate broker. You’ll see that with most of them you are actually the one spending the time to figure out and do everything to sell your home yourself.

Not with Home Spot Realty’s Choice program, our high value flat fee real estate program includes experienced real estate brokers and exceptional service. It really is “Today’s way” to sell your home.

If your home near our new Downtown Overland Park Real Estate office, we are having a special for our neighbors.

Contact us if you interested in savings thousands on the sale of your home, without sacrificing quality or service. Home Spot Realty’s “Choice Program” Full Service, Flat Fee Kansas City, Overland Park Real Estate.